"I can’t take pics" um bruno will you shut the fuck up please because of course you can take pics. it’s not against the law or anything and you used to do it when you weren’t a famous piece of shit. just because mister performed at the Super Bowl you can’t take 10 seconds of your damn time to take a selfie with fans. no one ever recognizes you and one picture won’t make everyone come to you. your ego needs to calm the fuck down thanks.

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Where is the video anon?
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Bruno will never do ask the dragon again, he hardly interacts with us anymore.. and can you really blame him? Look at the way hooligans have been treating the person he CHOSE to be with. People don't have to like her, but all the hate, and disgusting remarks have to stop. It's ridic, and in the end just going to keep pushing Bruno away from interacting with any of us.


I don’t think he sees half the shit that is said about Jess he has more important things to care about. Bruno may not be interacting with us now because hes working but he will eventually because he NEEDS US we buy his stuff and songs and whatever he may have as merchandise. Shit we made Bruno rich! LOL i dont think he cares about if we like his girlfriends or not as long as we like him. You feel my drift?


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